• ADH and osmoregulation

    A slide show and test on the role of ADH in osmoregulation

  • Biology Mad

    Link to website with good AS and A2 resources

  • Carbon Cycle

    A nice introduction to the carbon cycle

    00.00 Carbon in the ecosystem

    This section begins by introducing the element carbon as a finite resource. Carbon is present in the atmosphere, living things and soil.

    00.38 Uptake of CO2 from the atmosphere

    Radioactive carbon dioxide is used to measure and trace the uptake of CO2. The equation for photosynthesis is given with 14C.

    02.23 The return of CO2 to the atmosphere

    Carbon passes into animals in food, and is returned to the air through respiration. The change in CO2 level in air is shown with bicarbonate indicator, demonstrating that living things give off this gas.

    04.59 Decomposition

    Nutrients including carbon return to the soil during the breakdown of dead remains by decay organisms. Carbon is also returned to the air when fossil fuels are burned.

  • Circulatory System

    Includes lungs and circulation
    Designed for A level revision with learning objectives from an out of date syllabus

  • Circulatory System Overview

    An overview of the circulatory system, blood and blood vessels

  • Core Practical Potato Chips

    The classic potato chips experiment. Add cubes of potato, of very similar dry mass and size, to glucose solutions of different concentration. Leave for some time, remove and dry. Measure the change in mass.

  • Heart structure and function

    Test on the parts of the heart and reviews the cardiac cycle

  • Human Evolution (made easy)

    An excellent introduction to human evolution

  • Mitosis

    Short animated clip for mitosis

  • Photosynthesis overview

    An overview of photosynthesis for A level

  • Plant growth under coloured lights

    Photographs of experiments (designed by students) to look at the effect of light colour on the angle of plant growth. Data from these experiments.

  • Practical Enzyme rate vs substrate concentration

    A visual demonstration of the impact of substrate concentration on enzyme activity. Rates are demonstrated using different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide added to yeast and soap.

  • Practical pH and enzyme activity

    Using yeast kept in different pH buffers, another very visual demonstration of the effect of pH on enzyme activity.

  • Practical Temperature and enzyme activity

    Again, another visual demonstration of the effect of temperature (using a number of water baths) on enzyme activity

  • Revision Reproductive cells

    Short revision clip. Reproductive cells

  • Revision Sex chromosomes

    Short revision clip. Sex Chromosomes

  • Theory of Evolution (made easy)

    Excellent introduction to Darwin's theory of evolution

  • Transport and support in plants

    An overview of the main transport and support structures in plants

  • Xylem and Phloem

    The structure and function of the xylem and phloem